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Because there is more to Rome than just Rome

I am half Dutch and half Italian and born in Switzerland, let’s say I’m some kind of pan-European (or bringing together the lands of the former Holy Roman Empire!).

I live in Rome and this blog is a celebration of all the wonders that surround the eternal city and that are often left out from tourist guides and itineraries! In my everyday life I teach Medieval History and Gardening (not combined, though that would work too!) at an International School in Rome. I’m also in charge of School Trips and I coach the local girls’ football team. I am an animal rights activist and a vegan and I am passionate about traveling, folk music, the outdoors and the study of landscapes.

I am a competitive trail runner (check out my team Vegan Power Team) and I am passionate about kayaking, hiking, rock-climbing and cross fit. Welcome to the world of Latium Mirabile!

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